• Moved to Commander.JS for cli arguments processing.
  • Added nicey WebpackBar to display compiling process.
  • Updated performance measurements.
  • Huge speed upgrades for Webpack with HardSourceWebpackPlugin.


  • Add new hooks for cogear-plugin-blog.
  • Add watcher for config.yaml which recompiles all pages on config changes.
  • Refactor core plugins for webpack.
  • Refactor preload and build.
  • Resources in dev mode are being linked now (just serve static byexpress from given folders) instead of copied.


  • Replaced HTMLWebpackPlugin because of its extremly inperformance when page count is over thousand with simple webpack-compiled assets injection.
  • Changed workflow from Webpack → Build to Preload → Webpack → Build.
  • Make almost all processing operations asynchronously – huge speed performance.
    Build of 10.000 pages (~ 3 pages per day in 10 years) tooks 14s now.