Let's take a look at v1.2.2 which makes Cogear.JS a little bit better.



Now all command-line commands are served by commander.

    .description('Build mode: just build.')
        cogear.mode = "build"
        await cogear.emit('init')
        cogear.options.open = false
            await cogear.emit('build',compilation)
        await cogear.emit('webpack',{
            mode: 'production',


Look at terminal above (at the post top). Now webpack-compilation process if more obvios.

We've implemented wepbackbar.



Of course Webpack is a bottleneck of build performace. No matter how many pages do you have, but if your webpack-compiled assets are huge (with dependencies), total build time may by slowed down. But now, with the help of Hard Source Webpack Plugin compilation time is drastically decreased. It's almost the best caching tool for Webpack.

Results for this site webpack compilation time:

Before After (slowest) After (fastest)
20s 6s 1s

The first compilation may take a while, but all others are blazing fast 🚀.

Any ideas?

If you have any ideas, you may fork project repository and make a push commit for us to implement them into the newer version of Cogear.JS.

We also will be glad for your comments.