Workflow: theming and layouts

Let’s dive deeply into layouts and theming.

What is theming? It’s a method to organize your site design. Make it reusable and available to share with the community. On the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to use themes made by others, modify them quickly and decrease development time.

What is theme in Cogear.JS environment? It’s a folder which stores at least main layout (called index) and package.json file, because Cogear.JS theme is an npm package. Yes, this gives you an ability to share and install themes with ease.

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New episode: Webpack

Today we will talk about Webpack.

Webpack is the most popular bundler to compile assets like scripts, styles, fonts, images and so on.

It can has multiple entry points (javascript files) where you can import almost any type of asset. All dependencies will be bundled to the output folder. And they can be transformed on the way to final destination – compressed, minified or anything else if you’ll find or write proper plugin.

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