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Good news! Now everyone, who wanna edit the docs, can do it via push request to the Github repository (take a look at pencil icon on the image below).

Yes, we've moved this site to Github and now anyone can look through the code to find out what's going on here.

Please, take a look:

If you have suggestions for improving the site or you want to participate in Cogear.JS development - you're welcome.


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Welcome to Cogear.JS blog!

We are happy to introduce Cogear.JS – modern static websites generator. It's written in Node.JS and powered by the latest Webpack.

Read the docs to understand how the system works.


As you can see it's even suitable for blogging! Every blog post can have comments via modern services like Disqus. Posts can also be tagged.

All blog pages are built automatically and rebuilt when proper content pages are changed, added or deleted.

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