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How fast can you create a site?

In less than a second.
All you have left to do is to built and deploy it to the server.

Cogear.JS features:

🚀 Blazing fast

Generates 1000 pages per second, est. Static html files are loaded significantly faster than any dynamic programming language scripts.

Open Sourced

License that fit your needs. Free for everyone. Open to the world.

Modern workflow

Based on Webpack you can use any npm package. Works with Vue.JS, React, Angular and every modern frontend framework.

🔓 Natively secured

It's impossible to hack static html files. Never needed to load updates like CMS do. Bulletproof protection for ever.

Templates polyglot

Generates pages from Markdown, Pug, EJS, Handlebars or any other node-compiled markup language (by plugins).

🚚 Deploy ready

Upload to the server via FTP, SFTP or even rsync built in. Deploy in a seconds. Create presets and use them to speed up your deploy.

No database is required

Flat files data storage. Simple server setup. No need for software updates.

📦 Bundled assets

Assets from different npm packages imported in your scripts are piped into Webpack workflow, minimized and optimized.

📄 Nice docs

User-friendly documentation will help you to learn the basics and to deep dive into advanced knowledge.

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